Spartan Detective Agency Inc,. was founded by Mr. Philip J. Geron in 1965, and currently serves as the agency's sole owner and CEO. Providing a full array of investigative services for individuals and companies across the nation, ranging from background checks to skip tracing, we are dedicated to providing reliable, high quality work from start to finish.


In 2013 Edward F. Koster was named Director of SDA and oversees and manages daily operations along with the case details for the detectives.  Mr. Koster has 25 years in Law Enforcement in the surrounding area as well as tactical training making him a perfect fit for the entire team.  "That was a very exciting time in my life, however this new chapter has rekindled my love for the law!".  Mr. Koster also brings his 20 plus years of Banking expertise to SDA as an owner of Virtue Funding, LLC a New Jersey Mortgage Broker.  He actively holds a Mortgage Banking License, making him and his team the perfect Agency for any Banking Fraud related matters. 


Please remember that only licensed detectives like ours can be legally utilized to complete certain investigative activities like skip tracing, asset searches, and scene canvases to facilitate the location and service of process.


Anyone caught doing an inquiry in the form of an investigation in New Jersey without a license is in violation of the 1939 Private Detective Act, and is subject to fines and other penalties.

When you need to stay informed, you can count on us!

Edward F. Koster - Director