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Private Investigation


The Facts You Need, When You Need Them


Don't let yourself be given the slip - stay a step ahead with the help of our private investigators.

Private Investigation


Entrust a professional and experienced Private Investigator


A lot has changed since our agency began in 1965, but our dedication to providing you with the highest standards of service and privacy in the investigation industry certainly has not. At SDA, we pride ourselves on the fact that we have never had a complaint filed against us with the N.J. State Police since the companies inception.


A Private Investigator is hired to help their clients find out information regarding a missing person, assets, criminal backgrounds, driving records, pre-employment screenings and marital issues. Other areas are insurance fraud, criminal cases, child custody or a multitude of other areas. Call us and discuss your case confidentially.









• Corporate search

• Employment

• Federal, state, and county searches

• Investigations

• Judgments

• Pending law suits

• Postal forwarding

• Property inspection

• Property tax records

• Skip tracing

• Marital Issues - Spouse Issues

Assets and Finances


• Advanced asset search

• Asset search

• Bankruptcies

• Child support

• Credit reports

• Federal and property tax liens

• Insurance, license, and vehicle information

• Real property

• Social security searches

• Tax IDs

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Private Investigation

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